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Bjarn Bronsveld
Bjarn Bronsveld

Bjarn Bronsveld

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Where do we even start? Hi! My name is Bjarn, born in The Netherlands in 1998 and nope... I haven't smoked weed ever since I was born :-)

Quick introduction

I am not really a person who likes to write about himself. But let's do a very quick introduction!

My work experiences vary... quite a lot. I have been running my own company Realify since July 2016 where I create mobile and web applications. Since I was only 17 years old back then, I felt like I needed some more experience, so I applied to a full-time job too!

In 2018 I started as the first Android developer at a start-up creating a meet-up like social media platform and it was my responsibility to set up the entire app from scratch. I learned a lot, as in, a LOT.

Later next year, I got bored and wanted to work at a bigger company with a larger team. So a friend of mine recommended me to his boss, and I got into a Magento agency as junior back-end developer. I eventually grew to medior and then decided to quit. I... eh... didn't really liked Magento. Maybe I will write about that in the future, no promises made here! ;-)

Earlier this year I started at a company called Lightbase as React Developer, and I love it. I have had the most fun ever since I started doing full-time jobs. I've learned more in the last 5 months than in the last 3 years alone. I am planning to stick around here for quite a while.

Next to my full-time job I create mobile apps and websites with my own company still. I had to take a break for a couple of months from that, of which I will write an article about later. Mental health is important, people!

What I write about

Since my main profession is React and native Android development, my blogposts will mostly be about those. I will be sharing my latest findings, tips and how-to's on these subjects.

I am also preparing a couple of series:

  • Privacy Series
  • Homeserver
  • Mental health

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It is nice meeting you! My blog posts will have a unique Bjarn-touch. Easy to read (at least I hope) and some inside jokes here and there, 'cause that's me.

See ya later!

- Bjarn

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